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Out on the patio sits a papasan chair. My papasan chair. That’s my happy place. And since the day I established it as my own, I firmly believe every person should have one. A place to go rest, relax and rejuvenate. If you don’t already have a ‘happy place’ in your home, consider carving one out for yourself. For me, these are the top considerations:

  • It’s quiet. There is no place I know of with such peace. Sure, our patio (and thus, the chair), faces the street. But if I close my eyes, the traffic sounds just like ocean waves.
  • It’s super comfortable. I used take a long bath once a week to relax, but a) once a week was insufficient and b) seeing myself sitting there always led to thoughts such as, “Ee-gads! Is that thigh bigger than it was last week?!?” To keep my negative thoughts at bay, I decided against a happy place that required undressing. My chair is comfy – I can actually curl up in this thing (quite a feat for someone of my height!). On some occasions, I have even slept in it.
  • It fits my personality. It’s not fancy. It’s a Craigslist find. The fact that I got a great deal on it makes it sit even more comfortably (doesn’t it always?). It is the size, texture, and height that I prefer. Not everyone would like it, and that is exactly the point.
  • It serves its purpose. My goal is not always to veg out. Some days my goal when I sit here is to get my head into ‘writing zone’, so I can do these posts. Some days my goal is to finish reading a challenging chapter on the physiology of the human body. And, yes, some days I come to my chair to close my eyes and hope to think of nothing.

In summary, find a happy place of your own. Find yourself a comfortable location that satisfies your needs and jives with your style and personality. And tell us where you end up! Your idea might inspire someone else reading this!



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