Q: I have a cold. Can I still get a massage?

A: It depends. If you’re in the ‘still getting settled in/contagious’ phase, please wait a few days to get a massage. But if your cold is past the contagious phase, and you’re just coughing, feel free to schedule.

Q: There are only 3 people in our group, but we *really* want a massage. Will you still come to us? Is there a minimum?

A: There is a 2-hour minimum if you plan to order from the spa/event menu (prices are cut a bit because generally there are a dozen people or so in one space). If you’re using our in-home menu, there is no minimum.

Q: I booked a massage in my home. What do I need to provide for the therapist?

A: Just space. The therapist will arrive with everything else. Find a space roughly the size of a twin mattress; that’ll leave space for the table as well as room to walk around.

Q: Are you licensed? Insured?

A: Yes and yes. We wouldn’t have it any other way.