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The Day I Started Separating My Laundry

When I was new to the massage business, it was not uncommon for me to only do 2-3 massages per week. So it was my custom to toss my dirty sheets in with the rest of my laundry. Until that fateful day…

I entered my client’s home and began setting the table up as usual. While talking with him, I pulled the fitted, bottom sheet out of my bag and stood at the head of the massage table. Intending to spread it over the table, I unfolded the sheet a bit and gave it one big shake. To my complete embarrassment, as the fabric spread out all the way to the foot of the table, I saw a pair of my underwear go flying past the far side of the table. Up until that point, it had been hiding out in the corner of the sheet. What was probably 10 feet around the table to retrieve my undies seemed like The Green Mile. I was mortified.

Ever since that day, I now wash sheets with sheets and ‘everything else’ in it’s own load.

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